Picking Out Your Photos

Your wedding has passed, you've picked up your USB drive and you're finally ready to begin working on your album! Download the form below to begin picking out which of your photos you would like included in the album. If you are unsure of what is included in your contract as far as albums please email us at office.studio27@gmail.com. Please take a look at some important facts below in regards to the album process.

- Be sure to fill out the entire image number from your USB drive when filling out the design form. Filling out only the last 4 digits may result in incorrect images making it into the album, especially if you had 2 photographers.

- All of the photos you submit will go through another round of editing before being sent to the designer.

- The most efficient way to return your album design form to us after you have filled it out is to scan and email or to take a photo and email it to us. 

- Once we receive the design form it will be approximately 6-8 weeks before we have a full draft of your wedding album ready to send to you. The file will be sent via email as a pdf and you will be able to review each page of the album. Should you not like something or want to make changes to certain pages, there will be a comment bar on each page where you can list notes for the designer. You will submit it back to him and within 4-5 business days we will email you with the updated version. 

- There is no limit to how many times you can go back and fourth with the designer.. this is your wedding album, you want it to be perfect before it's printed! 

- Once you love the album you can fully approve it and it takes roughly 6 weeks to print and arrive at Studio 27 for you to pick up.

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