Abby & Ben's Wedding at Flowerfield

Abby & Ben were married on March 21 with a ceremony and reception at Flowerfield in St. James, NY. 

Abby & Ben met towards the end of their college careers. They first met briefly at a party, and bumped into each other later in the evening. Funny thing about it is...Abby was sleeping on a backless chair. Ben tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Hey, I know you." They got to talking, Abby from Long Island and Ben from Rochester, NY. As they talked, they found out that Ben had family only a few miles from Abby's family on the Island. They both knew rather quickly in the relationship that this was not like any other relationship they have ever been in before and that this was it. 

Ben describes Abby as caring, fun-loving and sincere. Abby describes Ben as handsome, caring and wonderful. She said he is her rock, her calm in the storm, her protector, and her perfect match.

For their proposal, Ben wanted to take Abby for a walk along the Erie Canal in the small town of Fairport, NY, before they met Ben's cousins for dinner. His plan was to propose on a bridge over the Canal. It was a cold winter's night a few weeks before Christmas, and Abby didn't want to walk. It took some time, but Ben convinced her and he got her out to that little bridge where he dropped onto his knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Abby said, "Yes, of course yes!"

The day of the wedding Neo started with Abby while she was getting ready, while our second shooter Chris was with Ben. Abby's dress was the first one she tried on at Kleinfeld. She fell in love with the lace and the way it fit and felt when she tried it on, she just knew it was the perfect one. 

We did a first look with a beautiful winter background. The ceremony started with Rev. Nick Montanino officiating.  We absolutely loved the vows that Abby & Ben wrote for each other, they were so personal and heartfelt. We strongly recommend that if you have the opportunity to write your own vows, that you do it. It adds so much to your wedding.

Ben is an avid outdoorsman, and made the seating cards by recycling them out of tree bark from a felled tree. 

Flowerfield was the perfect host, and Tommy's Tunes Entertainment kept the music flowing. We had a great time celebrating these two awesome people. 

Thank you to Abby & Ben for choosing Studio 27 as the photographers and cinematographers for your wedding day. You were so much fun to be around and your love for each other clearly showed from the first look, until the DJs final beat. We wish you the best, and hope you had an amazing time in St. Lucia!