Rachel & Dan's Fox Hollow Wedding in Woodbury, NY

Rachel and Dan were married on April 3 with a ceremony and reception at Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY. 

Rachel and Dan knew each other growing up, and Rachel always felt Dan was really hot. However, he was a few years older, so she felt it might be a bit creepy to even mention it. Many years later, Rachel and Dan were attending a dinner dance fundraiser separately. They were both reluctant to go and were dreading even getting ready for it. However, that night they ran into each other and were reunited. They have been together ever since! 

They both have an interest in photography, so one day, they took their newly purchased cameras and went to take some pictures. When they came back, Dan decided to put together an impromptu slide show of the photos they took. Creatively, Dan created one special slide that he would use to end his slide show. The final slide was simply the question..."Will you marry me?" A perfect proposal for our photographer hearts! 

Rachel describes Dan as kind, passionate, amazing and super laid back. Dan describes Rachel as thoughtful, kind, caring, sexy, funny, and beautiful. Rachel is super organized and pays attention to every detail, while Dan just goes with the flow and LOVES how detail-oriented Rachel is. Their personalities clearly showed through in their wedding and in all the details, and we loved it!

On their wedding day, Franco started with Rachel at the Inn at Fox Hollow, and Neo was with Dan and his family at their home. We loved Rachel's wit and comedic personality. Rachel purchased her dress from Bridal Reflections in Carle Place, NY, and we love how it fits her fun personality—and look at detail in the back of the dress! We love the image of the 2 flower girls giggling by the window after they got their dresses on, they were so adorable all day long! 

Reverend Nick Montanino did a great job officiating the beautiful ceremony. The reception was kept hopping all night by Body Rock Entertainment.

We love the raw emotion we were able to capture when Dan hugged his mom during their special dance. There was also a lovely shot of Rachel and Dan silhouetted with a fountain in the front. We were very proud of that image, because we have photographed numerous wedding at Fox Hollow and we know all the great spots that others wouldn’t even see! 

We give our best to Rachel and Dan (and, of course, Baby Jackson, their pup). We wish them so much happiness and success in the future, and we’re sure that they will form the “perfect Voltron to create the most amazing life.”