Alexandra & Phil’s Corey Beach Engagement Session


On April 13, our photographer Chris, met Alexandra and Phil for their engagement session at Corey Beach in Blue Pointe, NY.

Alexandra & Phil met through mutual friends. And those friends will tell you it was a lot of WORK to get these two together. Alexandra had been wanting to meet Phil for a while and when they finally met, she was surrounded by people and too intimidated to talk to him there.

After some encouragement, she got the nerve to text him and make plans; she was determined to get to know him! Over the next few days, they spent most of their time together. They were both unknowingly telling those mutual friends they felt a spark with each other, but weren't sure the other person felt the same way. Neither wanted to be the one to make the next move.

Finally, one night after making a bet on a UFC fight (which Alexandra won!), they shared their first kiss at Corey Beach. That was why this location was so special to them.

Phil and Alexandra have always discussed spending their lives together and would often speak of the future. This January, they began planning their wedding without anyone knowing. Alexandra told us "It was fun to share this secret with one another."

Their upcoming wedding date - 9/20 - is important to them as it is the same weekend of Alexandra's grandparent's anniversary. They knew they needed to plan quickly! 

Alexandra added "We are super excited about our upcoming marriage and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! We are trying to keep the planning as stress-free as possible and continue to go with the flow. There haven't been many complaints so far!"

Phil and Alexandra, no complaints here either! We can’t wait for your fall wedding at The Mansion