Kesha & Craig’s Wedding at Chateau Briand

Kesha and Craig were married on March 28 with a ceremony at the St. Aiden's Roman Catholic Church in Williston Park, NY, followed by a reception at the Chateau Briand in Carle Place. 

Kesha and Craig originally met online through a social media website called Sconex. It was a precursor to Facebook, but for high school students only. However, they never actually met until they were working at the same summer camp sometime after connecting online. Kesha says, "We were acquaintances at the time, but that was all to change...6 years later!"

Time passed, and after Craig was graduating from college, Kesha kindly wished him well on his graduation through a Facebook message. That led to a renewed (in-person this time!) friendship, which eventually led to a first date. From that moment on, Kesha says they were inseparable.

Two and a half years later, Kesha had a party to celebrate her accomplishment of becoming a registered nurse. Many people gave speeches, but Craig did not. This shocked Kesha, because she knew Craig loved to talk! Kesha gave Craig the evil eye, surprised that he didn’t want to speak for her. Shortly after this look, Craig stood next to Kesha to congratulate her publicly, seemingly with her prompting, and things “took a turn” (according to Kesha). What started as a congratulatory speech culminated with Craig on one knee asking her to be his wife. He had planned it that way the whole time! 

On the day of the wedding, Justin started with Kesha and her bridesmaids, and our second shooter, Neo, was with Craig. We love the image of Kesha with her bridesmaids gathered around her after they were all done getting ready, because of how naturally the girls are reacting. 

And we adore the one of Kesha and Craig embracing in the church aisle that we shot from above. Love the reflection, the pose, the angle—everything!

Kesha said the best thing about being married is "being able to wake up every morning and going to bed every night next to your soul mate.” And her advice to couples is to "learn to become a selfless person, and give all of yourself to you partner." That sounds like amazing advice to us! 

Thank you, Kesha & Craig, for the laughs and the fun while capturing your beautiful wedding! Thank you for allowing us to do what we do and create beautiful images for you.

Want to see more? Watch the video we produced to see the full story of Kesha & Craig’s special day: