Natalia & Ryan’s Woodlands at Woodbury Wedding

On May 29, Natalia and Ryan were married with a ceremony at the Faith Lutheran Church in Syosset followed by a reception at the Woodlands at Woodbury

Ken Rockwell once said: “Maybe you’re an aspiring photographer yourself, or maybe you just love taking pictures. You may find that you also can relate to what these photographers are saying. All I know is, I love to capture images in many different ways, and I hope that I never lose that passion so I can continue to be a wedding photography portrait photographer." 

This is exactly how we feel about our job, and we think about that each and every time we go to capture amazing memories and images for our couples. Our goal is not to change the couples we shoot but for them to change us. This is exactly what happened with Natalia and Ryan. The natural way they looked at each other, the obvious love they felt was beyond sincere—it made us love our job even more. 

On the day of the wedding, Justin started with Natalia, and Boy Wonder was with Ryan. We loved every picture of them together, but the one where Ryan kisses Natalia’s head is our favorite. You can feel their love for each other in that moment.   

Another favorite is the ones of them together after the ceremony. We absolutely love letting couples be alone and have a moment together after the craziness of the morning begins to settle and the vows are complete. Capturing that real moment unposed, unscripted is priceless to us.

Thank you, Natalia & Ryan, for allowing us to be a part of your incredible wedding. The love you shared is truly an inspiration to us, as well as to all your friends and family that were in attendance!